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Trade show booths are used to promote or launch a new product or an existing product. The customers are attracted to the booth by using many accessories that are available in the market.

Display BannerOne of the most commonly used is the display banner products and services of the company. It is so because the banner is the best way to attract more and more customers to the booth. Banner when used for display not only attracts customers but also leaves a good first impression in their minds.

Banner is very light in weight and thus can be easily transported. It is even easy to assemble a banner. It takes only a few seconds to display banner of your choice. They take less space of the booth. The choice of display depends upon the space that is available to the company at the trade show. Banner is very cheap, thus any company, big and small do not need to think much before spending on them. Display of products and services is not harmed due to the lesser price of the banners. The companies get the best result from these.

Display Banner Options

Display banner is available online. There are many companies selling and even renting the banners to the companies. Banner is not the only thing that these company’s trade but also services like transportation and assembling of the banners at the booth are provided by them to the interested companies. Display banner are available in many shapes and sizes with these companies.

Banner that is most commonly used are the retractable banners or the non-retracting banners. Display through these two is the most effective on the customers or the visitors. Banner of this type is made of durable vinyl or lexan lamination that consists of photocopy or even graphics printed on it and are easy to scroll out of a floor case and are held by extension rod. Display through these banners gets a professional look to the trade show.
Display banner that are available in the market are mentioned below:

  • Banner Stands
  • Event flags
  • Teardrop Banners
  • Giant Banners with Poles
  • Scrolling Banners with Stands
  • Human Billboards

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