Exhibit Display

Exhibit is a form of recreation, competition or entertainment in which the products or items of a company is showcased to disclose the best features. Exhibit is viewed by a huge audience and exhibitors. These attract the decision makers and influence them to purchase the product.

Exhibits Display Advantages

Exhibit DisplayExhibit display is beneficial because it is easy and convenient to install and customize. Different exhibit options are available in the market.

Displays commonly used are mentioned below:

Banner stands

This exhibit display is available in many sizes and shapes. The display is portable and can be rapidly set up in any show. They are perfect for creating floor-standing photo mural. They are classified in three categories – retractable, spring back and telescopic.

Literature racks

It is also available in a variety of sizes, styles and designs. The exhibit is generally of silver or black color and have about 3-5 pockets.

Pop-up displays

It is classified into five categories including fabric mural trade display, 3-D style trade display, commercial trade display, photo mural trade display and standard pop-up trade displays.

Modular exhibits

This exhibit provides a custom-built look and makes use of expensive material. They hold large LCD panels or plasma screens.

Truss systems

These are often used in combination with other display structures like pop-ups and panel displays.

Custom exhibit

This is the best trade show exhibit display. These displays are designed according to the requirement of the company. Display of this kind is mainly for companies with higher budget like $40,000 or more.

How to Choose an Exhibit Display

Exhibit Display chosen should be right for this will be beneficial for the company. Display should be chosen taking trade show objectives, guidelines of corporate branding and goals and also budget into consideration.

In order to have a mass appeal through the trade show, one should have good and attractive graphic displays that can be changed daily to give the booth a new look every day. Display should be designed under the vision of the company. It must be appealing and inviting to the visitors so that the product is well demonstrated further. The booth should be neat and tidy; visitors do not prefer untidy booths. The exhibit display should also have important and necessary information.

The exhibit display must match the type of trade show that the company is participating. That can be done by contacting event’s organizer and get all the related details such as the type of visitors and the layout of the area for displaying the company’s products.

Exhibit is not the only way of attracting more visitors to the booth. Tablecloths with company’s logo, motif and also the images of the company can also be used. It very much compliments the total look of the displays. In fact adds a depth to it and makes it more noticeable.

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