Be Careful: Understanding Drayage & Shipment Costs for Your Trade Show Convention Event

Did you know that when it comes to trade shows that most companies never figure out the costs of shipment and drayage costs when their booth arrives?  Drayage is the same thing as cost to store your booth until the event opens.  This is the show decorator’s price to deliver your booth to your booth space.  Think of it as a 3 day mini-storage place fee to carry the booth from their warehouse to your booth spot #2014 on the convention floor.  Ship directly to your hotel and simply wheel it in.  Or hire a taxi and deliver it yourself.  This costs you only time and saves money.

Also, seriously consider your shipment method.  It’s best to get it on time before the show.  Many clients have called to say their booth will not make the show opening and then go on a search for quick graphics and rental booth firms.  This cost alone can cost more than you spent on the entire event.

Last, if going to an event with Union installers best figure if it requires any tools the union members must set it up.  It is called Installation and Dismantle (I&D). Best go tool less with a portable display.  This advise alone will save you about $450.00.

It is like hitting a grand slam when you can reduce DRAYAGE!

It is like a hole in one when you can minimize SHIPPING COSTS!


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