The Many Differences in Retractable, Roll-Up Displays

Lets start with one of the first retractable displays made by a company in Sweden called Expand International. This was in 1997. Their Quickscreen made an instant hit and was well built with one forward foot showing on the base. A silver or black base were the color options.

Retractable Display HardwareMost on the industry has focused on a standard size for roll-up or retractable displays at 33.5” width by 80” height for viewable image area. We are talking about hardware only on this topic for now. Many different styles on base and poles.

Some bases have one or two feet sticking forward. Others have a more streamline base look like an airplane wing base. Also, there is the three piece fixed pole set-up with a fixed image area height. The telescopic adjustable pole gives you greater flexibility for image height viewing.

Stay tuned for more news about sizes on hardware and heights. We will get into substrate image materials.


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