Portable Light Box

portable Light box consists of a top marginal edge that defines the interior volume of the box. Portable Light box also consists of a cover plate placed over the interior dimensions. The carrying case in the Portable Light consists of a top and bottom segment. Both the segments in the Portable Light are movable.

Portable Light Box for Photography

The use of portable Light box is commonly found among artists, who deal with graphic designs, those who engage in preparing drafts and illustrations. The children also make use of Portable Light box for tracing designs and different patterns. Portable Light contains fluorescent lights or incandescent light for illuminating from behind. This Light in the Light box holds the pattern or the design that you intend to trace and the medium on which you want it to be traced.

Different kinds of apparatus are used in the portable Light box like pencils, pen, ink, erasers, papers, crayons, different kinds of markers. Portable Light box which are used by children and lobbyists contain apparatus for their use.

Box of Portable Light helps to compare colors that help to create radiant colors. Light box that is Portable is very useful for tracing overlays, retouching, and slide sorting. Portable light box is also used for the task of editing, separating colors and many more activities.

Box of portable light are very useful for the architects, photographers and calligraphers. Box containing light aperture helps to regulate the power of the light. Light in the portable box has been photo metrically checked. Light in the portable light box has a value that is equal to the value specified by Illuminating Engineering Society. Light aperture emanation and fastening of heat production from the work surface.

Portable light box

Features of Light Boxes

Box of portable light is a blend of cost effectiveness, durability, and light weight and versatility. The portable light box is so light that it can easily be transported to any destination. The portable light boxes because of its versatility have become very popular among students, craftsmen, architects and graphic designers.

  • Features of the light box are as follows: The fluorescent light contained in the portable light is about 100 watt
  • The portable light boxes can use power up to 150W lamp
  • The portable light boxes includes a lamp of 100W PAR
  • There are guards to protect the portable light box
  • Consumers are also protected from the heat generated by the portable light boxes
  • The box usually comes with warranty of a year
  • The portable light boxes are very conveniently used for indoor and outdoor purposes


Utility of the portable light boxes are so varied that it has become indispensable in the modern world.

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