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Portable panel is mainly used in trade shows in order to panel display the products and services of a company. They are very useful to attract customers to the display booths. A portable panel is not only used at trade shows but at all the places where the company needs to portray or present its products and services. The panel gives a custom look to the kiosks of the company. Portable ones allow the company to modify a display according to their requirements along with keeping in mind the cost involved. Portable panel is what the companies ask for as it is a well designed and eye catching trade show display for it attracts more and more viewers and customers to the booth. You can convey your message in the panel and let the visitor know more about the products and services that you offer with the portable panel.

The panels can be available in different shapes and sizes:

The movable panel is available in all sizes and shapes. You just need to select the right panel that will display and convey what you want. Portable ones do not cost much so any company, irrespective of the size, can spend on this portable panel. Panel can be bought or rented with companies online. Panel choice depends according to your budget.

Portable panel comprises of single display panel formed by an externally-attached open frame member which is further joined by screws to a hardwood frame or base that is surrounded by a fabric wrapper. Portable single panel is connected to the other individual movable board for a rotational movement about their longitudinal axis with the help of externally-attached open hinge frames. Panel has the frame members and hinges visible to trade show participants when it is in use.

Display boards utility:

But the ongoing trend speaks of only portable display boards that do not have exposed hinges and frame members for a better exhibit of the products and services of the company. Panel of such kind are much in demand these days for panel are designed in a manner that only the fabric on the portable panel board is visible to everyone while in use.

Panel with art portable system apply interconnectors which fails to provide a fixed, aligned position of adjacent panel display boards. Panel of this kind cannot be carried to trade shows and cannot be arranged in a stable vertical position for a visual inspection by the participants of the trade show.

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