Portable Table Top

Portable table top is easy to set up and comes in different shapes and sizes. The light weight portable table top can be conveniently used in rooms that are small in size because theses are very space saving. Portable table can be used for street presentation of goods by the salespersons. The trendy portable table contains elaborate graphic displays which can easily be carried along in trips. Top of the table can be dismantled when not in use.

Portable Table Top Features

Portable table top together with technological expertise provide ease in operation. Portable tables were originally designed to carry out field applications in the inaccessible areas. The sturdy built and portability of the table top makes it very convenient for office use.

  • Features of the table top: Table top consists of regular immobile glass surface
  • Singular toggle switch for 1x and 4x arrangement position are present in a table top
  • Top of the table has different dimming control for each spot
  • Table top contains in built power supply for zooming 500 stereoscope
  • Table top contains Switch able operation of 120V 60Hz/240V 50Hz

Table top can be very reliable. Top of the table is made of high quality materials. Felt and simplicity of a table is the most important feature. Table top is designed to suit everybody’s purpose.

Table top has different levels. The basic package in a table top has padded arm rest or cushion guards. The more advanced table is heavier than the basic table and a harder to transport.

Portable table top

Portable Table Top Usage

Table top for playing poker is made out of solid pine wood. A group of 8-10 players can play together. For convenience the table contains 8 different trays for poker beverages and chips.

Top of the table has a length of 79 inches and the width of the table is 36 inches. Table top is provided with a heavy nylon bag with a double strip handle so that it can be easily carried.

Table top called 2-in -1 blackjack folding poker table is also available in the market. Table here is made out of wood. This table top is about 48×48 inches and is very easy to take around. Portable table top can fit in about 8 players at a time. Top of the table is made out of high quality green felt surface that provides a smooth surface.

Top of the portable table is a perfect blend of cost, plain design, and adaptable presentations. Top of the table can be easily used for making up small folding and creating portable items. Computer graphics presentation of the portable table top enables the viewers to see multiple projections on the LCD screen and computer monitors.


Portable top because of its multifarious use has become indispensable. Table top, its light weight and small size have become very popular all round the world. Table top because of its durability is used for public display of goods by the salesmen. Top of the table are also useful for official purposes.

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