Pop Display

Pop Display refers to point of purchase or Pop displays which are vital in promoting sales in retail stores. According to the Point of Purchase Association International or POPAI, about 70% of product selections are made within the retail store itself. Pop Display products compete for customers’ attention. Thus, you need to be creative for featuring your product in the Pop displaying solutions. Display for Pop is more than just the retail racks if properly used. These are custom made tools for promotion and help increase your Display margins for enhancing sales.

Pop Display

Pop Display: Various Types

Types of Point of Purchase:

  • Pop Floor standing Display is the biggest type of retail displays available. They are placed on the retail floor, with various sizes, styles and shapes. This Pop Display can promote as well as hold a good range of products in various categories. Pop displays of the stand alone variety can successfully make a brand stand out.
  • Pop Counter top Display is smaller in terms of size and often found on top of the wrap or cash counters or on end caps. Display of this type helps promote products that consumers want to instantly purchase when they are before the point of sale.
  • The Pop signs like LCD signs, custom designed graphics and digital signage help get your Pop Display product noticed. Display of this type draws attention to the brand which is effective as well as comparatively economic way to help get your product noticed, other than conveying the brand message across.

Pop Display: Determining your Exhibits

Display options help deploy the Pop Display with perfect position for influencing the purchasing behavior of the consumer, resulting in increased sales. Pop displays that are attractive help in drawing attention to your product. The Display that is based on impulsive buys is often a case with products that verge along the lines of Pop or counter top near the cash register when the customer is heading to leave the retail store. For the store owner, Display Pop choice and retail space design helps you distinguish between other stores and probe shoppers into returning to make a purchase.

If you don’t have a highlighted store design with smart Display Pop, the customers will start associating it with some cheap Display ware house, refusing to pay higher for quality products. The Display products for Pop will need a unified point of purchase for consistently strengthening your brand message during Display. Making use of a creative Display helps attract all the attention from the consumers. Contacting a number of manufacturers of the point of purchase Display and companies for providing merchandising solutions helps discuss plans and expand the scope of your business. This depends on your products, retail space size and store theme.

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